Friday, 24 December, 2010

Parliamentary body to take up ESIC medical college issue

A report from Daily Pioneer

The Parliament Standing Committee on Labour of Parliament, under the chairmanship of MP Hemanand Biswal, on Wednesday heard the representatives of trade unions, Rourkela Steel Plant, Central Labour Commissioner, Provident Fund Commissioner and Employee's State Insurance Corporation.

The Committee heard the views of the trade union leaders who demanded that the tribals should be given their due share in jobs by the RSP. They demanded that the tribal workers including casuals workers must he granted dignity of labour and extended all statutory benefits for safeguarding their health, safe working environment, social security and equal wages for equal work.

The Committee took note of the demands of the trade union leaders who asserted that the people living in the far-flung areas, away from the State capital, were in dire need for medical colleges and hospitals.

They demanded that the Committee lend their weight and authority on the Union Government so that profit-making public sector units in remote areas of the State accept their social responsibility including the ESIC, so that more hospitals and medical colleges are set up in far-flung areas of the State enabling the poor, the disadvantaged and marginalised groups could reap the benefits of development. The chairman of the Committee Biswal and members shared the views and resolved to take up the matter appropriately with the Government.

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