Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Traffic snarls slow down life in Steel City

A report from Indian Express

ROURKELA: The traffic snarl-ups on the busy thoroughfares of the ever-growing Rourkela city have become intolerable for the population of over six lakh.

While the residents have to deal with the inconvenience on a daily basis, the municipal corporation and the traffic police have turned a blind eye to the problem.

The densely populated main road area from Bisra Square to Panposh Square and the local railway station continue to be a nightmare for commuters with traffic moving at a snail’s pace. Both traffic and parking rules are flouted with impunity.

Four-wheelers parked in front of the Haryana Bhawan eat into the road space leading to congestion. With the traffic police doing little to pull up the offenders, the violators are having a field day.

Economic boom has led to unprecedented surge in the number of vehicles. There are over 55,000 four-wheelers and three-wheelers along with 1.20 lakh two-wheelers.

Even as the administration is aimless, the woes of the law abiding residents do not end here.

Numerous cart vendors and cycle-rickshaws, who at times turn bullish, continue to stamp their authority on the left over parking space.

It is learnt that land owners along the busy thoroughfares have used up every inch of the space to develop market complexes with no proper parking space.

Admitting the mounting problem, Rourkela municipal vice-chairman RN Mishra said he would move a proposal in the next council meeting to implement parking fees.

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